As I’ve written previously, I totally disagree with the decision of the Fort Wayne Plan Commission to give its blessing to the Tiffany Heights housing project on Ardmore near Knoll Road. When the public hearing for this project was held it was not public knowledge that half a million dollars in block grant funds will be utilized to support the Tiffany Heights project. There are plenty of other valid projects that need additional funding. Why provide public financial support for this project that will add to traffic congestion on Ardmore and force more school children to cross a major thoroughfare where kids have already been hit by cars? I’ve forwarded a written recommendation to the Indiana Housing Finance Authority recommending that tax credits be denied for Tiffany Heights. I favor a new public hearing when citizens have all the information before they testify.

I recently had the opportunity to tour the BAE plant on Taylor Street and meet BAE management, as well as, many employees. BAE is a stellar Fort Wayne business that makes aircraft electronics that are used by military and civilian aviation throughout the world. Congrats to BAE employees on recently winning a major manufacturing award from Utah State University. I appreciated the invitation and was impressed by everyone at BAE!

Many of the readers of this column tell me that they are avid fans of Scott’s grocery in Waynedale but add that they’d like to see some upgrades at the store. I’ve recently heard that Scott’s management plans to expand and improve their store which is great news. Many businesses in the Waynedale area have a loyal following and Scott’s is no exception.

The City of Fort Wayne is currently well into development of the 2006 budget. Due to various factors including recent changes at the state government level the city has very little flexibility in funding basic services such as public safety and street repaving. Cutting highway funds and reducing property tax relief from Indy have left many Indiana cities, including Fort Wayne, in a very tight financial situation. I’ll continue my efforts to hold down property taxes but in 2006 that will be a greater challenge than it has been for many years.

Enjoy the spring weather and call me if I can help with any issues relevant to Fort Wayne city government.


Tom Hayhurst
City Councilman
4th District

The Waynedale News Staff
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Tom Hayhurst

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