During the next few days you’re going to hear quite a bit of discussion in our community about an important topic about which I’ll admit many have trouble getting excited—garbage. The City of Fort Wayne is experiencing a steady increase in waste hauling costs with no end in site. Collecting garbage in curbside bins (large or small) is seen as a means of cutting long term costs by automating trash pickup. This approach has been used successfully in many other cities. The primary “problem” with this system is the bins themselves, which many citizens see as cumbersome and unnecessary. Keep up on the discussion through newspaper and TV reports and let me know your opinion.

Recently I (admittedly) complained a bit about the increasing emphasis in the State of Indiana on property taxes as a revenue source. There’s a bright side to recent events in Indianapolis as well. The state budget deficit is slowly being reduced which is good news. Those of us who are concerned about bringing new jobs to our city appreciate the fact that tax abatements will remain one of the many tools available to assist new and established businesses in Fort Wayne. Also, funding for the Urban Enterprise Zone—which brings jobs to the central city—was restored by the legislature.

As you probably know, Mayor Richard has been doing a good job when it comes to increasing local government efficiency and cutting costs. Over $10 million has been saved through a variety of measures and services have often been increased as costs are reduced. The 2006 city budget is currently being developed and the philosophy will be the same—get maximum “bang for the buck.”

Don’t forget the upcoming Three Rivers Festival that begins with the TRF parade on Saturday, July 9th. Both the TRF and the free Waynedale Picnic at Waynedale Park on Saturday, August 27th, will have lot of great activities for kids. See you there!


Tom Hayhurst
City Councilman
4th District

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