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Tuesday, May 17, four bowlers were induced into the Fort Wayne Bowler’s Hall of Fame. The ceremony was held at Hall’s Guest House on West Washington Center Road. Each Hall of Fame bowling inductee was introduced to the audience by a presenter. The presenter explained the accomplishments of the person being inducted.

The two women bowlers honored by the Fort Wayne Women’s Bowling Association were Cleota Dewitt, presented by Denneen Ford and Denise M. Bruce presented by Marlyn Minick. The two men inducted from the Fort Wayne Bowling Association were Ronald F. Doan presented by Richard Sarrazin and Jeff B. Dreyfus, presented by Vic Sockrider.

Jeff Dreyfus, who manages Village Bowl, has bowled thirty 300 games and has a long string of accomplishments covering the past 24 years. He started in the Mark Four Pro-Shop and refined his bowling skills through college. Jeff joined the Pro Bowlers Tour in 1986 and was on the tour for 12 years.

In his acceptance comments, Jeff explained what it was like being on the tour. What people see on television on the weekend are just the five tournament finalists. What the TV audience doesn’t see is what it takes to get into that final group.

Rookie bowlers first must qualify for the tournament by bowling against 120-300 other top rookie bowlers in a Monday qualifying round. The tournament entry fees were $300. The top qualifiers then earned the privilege of bowling against the top 160 bowlers on tour. Other expenses included travel and lodging.

During Jeff’s years on the Pro Bowlers Tour he traveled throughout the country, bowling in 180 national tournaments in 38 states and Canada. It was an arduous journey that he was able to sustain only through the support of his friends and family. He also talked of the good memories…memories of standing alongside other pro bowlers and being announced to the fans as one of the top 24 bowlers in the world. Of the friendships formed and accomplishments that were only achieved because he was able to follow his dreams and compete against the best of the best.

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