GIS viewer provides free access to geographic and tax roll information


The public can now access a wealth of information about Allen County and individual properties online through Allen County’s iMap geographic information system. By utilizing the free GIS viewer, users can research, view and download information from many county departments without‑leaving their home or office.

“In today’s fast-paced world, time is precious,” said Allen County Commissioner Linda Bloom, chair of the iMap Management Board. “Our talented GIS staff has worked hard to make important information readily available to the public any time, any day, right from their home or office.”

The system allows users to view maps of the entire county, as well as, to zoom in on a specific parcel. The available data includes property information, parcel lines, color aerial photos, 2-foot contours and spot elevations, government boundaries, Allen County zoning, street centerline and address points, soil types and FEMA flood maps.

Users can search for an individual land parcel by entering the street address, parcel number or old key number and retrieve Auditor’s tax roll data, including the amount of real estate taxes, total land and improvement values, whether or not a Homestead Exemption applies and, if so, its value. In addition, over 11,000 businesses, subdivisions and destination points can be searched by entering only the name.

“The really exciting aspect of this program is that it brings GIS information to everyone in a format that is much simpler to use than standard GIS applications,” said Alex Wernher, DPS Deputy Director for iMap System Administration. ”

iMap’s free public access area is Phase I of a three-part project that is expected to be complete by the end of the summer. Phase II will include new search tools along with links to additional data. Phase III will bring e-commerce and allow subscribers to purchase and download all available GIS data using more‑sophisticated query tools.

The site can be accessed through Allen County Government’s web site at, or directly, at

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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