Being a collector of wooden nickels, I obtained two from the Flight 93 Memorial Chapel.

This interested me very much so I found out through letters that this chapel is located at the Boulevard of Heroes, P.O. Box 142, Shanksville, PA 15560.

The Rev. Alphonse T. Mascherino took this chapel dedicated in 1902 and ceased in 1969 and named it the Flight 93 Memorial Chapel. After 1969 the building served as a seed distribution center of the Servos Seed Company.

This small chapel contains a plaque of heroes-40 passengers that crashed in southern Pennsylvania on 9-11. These 40 people caused their plane to crash, not knowing where it was destined. The plaque of honor states, “Heroes of Leadership, We Shall Not Falter, We Shall Not Waver, We Shall Not Fail.”

The impact site was very close to Duppstad’s Country Store. Outside the chapel is located Thunder Bell. As written in the Chapel’s four page information sheet, “Mighty and noble half-ton bell cast of steel in 1860”. Thunder Bell the voice of Flight 93 symbolizes the resounding message of the heroes of Flight 93. As the impact of this aircraft thundered across the hills and valleys of this tranquil region shattering the silence of a peaceful day, so their message should resound, “THUNDER IN OUR HEARTS AND LIVES. THIS IS WHAT WE WILL NEVER FORGET.”

“This is the treasure we honor and preserve that these dead shall not have died in vain. In so doing they averted most certain unfathomable violence against the nation’s capital.”

This is a memorial many of us should take in.

A very successful endeavor for the people in this area.

The Waynedale News Staff

Denver Howard

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