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“…in the Name of the Father,
and of the
and of the
Holy Spirit.




Catechumens (unbaptized) were baptized and Candidates (already baptized) made professions of their faith on March 26, 2005 during the Easter Vigil at St. Therese Catholic Church, Lower Huntington Road.

(left) Father Joseph Rulli baptizes Jimmie Navarro.

(photo by Cindy McAfee)

(above right) A Memorial Mass was held on April 11, 2005 for the Holy Father Pope John Paul II at St. Therese with Father Joseph Rulli officiating.

The Pope was in his 27th year, one of the longest reigning popes in history. During St. Therese’s Mass twenty-six children carried as many white and yellow roses to the altar—each representing a year of the Pope’s pontification. A single purple flower recalled his unfinished 27th year.

Despite illness and infirmity, Pope John Paul II tirelessly preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is said that he was the most recognized man in the world and he is by far the most widely-travelled pope in history.

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