We continue to strive to be the safest city of our size in the country. That’s why last year I created an Emergency Medical Services Task Force to review the current EMS system.

The task force recently reported back with several findings and recommendations. The task force examined the areas of overall performance, effectiveness of service levels, financial viability, and long-term sustainability. The report shows we have a high-performing system and offered suggestions to enhance the system.

Thanks to each of the task force members for their hard work and dedication. Our EMS system is efficient and effective. We will continue to look to find innovative ways to better serve you. Working more closely together enhances the level of emergency medical service. The EMS Task force members were Joe Ruffolo, Dr. Dean Elzey, Erik Chickedantz, Dr. Charles Coats, Dr. Tom Hayhurst, David Ridderheim, and Marilyn Moran-Townsend.

Verizon has begun its $65 million project to bring fiber optic capability to our city. This project is bringing 900 jobs to Fort Wayne and is a tremendous economic development boost for our area. We are building a better city that will be competitive in attracting new businesses and jobs. In 2004, more than 60 companies announced expansions of their operations. The investments totaled $310 million. More than 7,000 jobs were retained and over 1,000 jobs were created.

The Parks and Recreation Department is offering a great chance for you to become a “Greenway Ranger” to help our greenway system. The ranger program is a way for you to help beautify Fort Wayne, get regular exercise and keep our greenway safe. Training will begin in late April. Greenway Rangers will check a mile section of the greenway each week during the spring, summer and fall. They will be asked to look for maintenance problems, graffiti, litter, and security concerns.

Contact the Parks and Recreation Department if you are interested in participating.


Graham Richard

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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