Since I’ve represented the Waynedale/Indian Village area I’ve received many calls and e-mails regarding flooding and storm water problems. I’ve personally been a victim of flooding in the recent past and know full well how much misery a house or a basement full of floodwater can cause. Some flooding problems can be solved by something as simple as opening a blocked storm drain, but most can’t. There’s recent good news regarding some of Waynedale’s most flood-prone areas. Greg Meszaros, director of Fort Wayne’s City Utilities division, has announced preliminary information regarding a Flood Control Master Plan for Fort Wayne. The plan has several components, some of which involve the Waynedale area. One major focus would be on the Fairfield Ditch that has overflowed its banks several times with flooding of Belle Vista and other neighborhoods. Meszaros and other planners would like to build a backwater control structure where the Fairfield Ditch empties into the St. Mary’s River to prevent backflow of water from the river into the ditch. More home buyouts also need to be funded and completed along Winchester Road and further north in the Junk Ditch area. Before these measures become part of the citywide master plan there will be plenty of opportunity for public input. I’ll try to let you know when public meetings are held regarding this plan.

Several residents of Wawonaissa Blvd. in Indian Village have been concerned regarding some street repairs which were completed a couple of years ago. The resurfaced street is in good condition but there are problems where the driveway aprons meet the resurfaced street. The engineers have taken more than one look at this problem area and will complete a temporary fix this summer. Residents of the area should petition for new curbs in to future for a more permanent solution.

Fort Wayne’s annual “Great American Cleanup” is scheduled for Saturday, May 21, 2005. Neighborhoods or individual citizens can organize a cleanup of a riverbank, their neighborhood, or other areas. My suggestion: organize a group of 5 or 6 individuals and help some elderly and disabled neighbors with spring cleanup of their property or possibly help pick up post-winter trash in our parks. If you call the Solid Waste Department at 427-1270 they’ll arrange for a special trash pickup around noon or 1 pm on May 21st!

As you may be aware, I’ve been very concerned at the way our military veterans are being treated by the federal government. One aspect of this problem is the VA’s plan to close the inpatient beds at the local regional VA Hospital which would force sick vets who need to be hospitalized to drive over 100 miles to the Indy VA Hospital for care. There’ll be a big rally on behalf of the 100,000+ area veterans at the World War II Victory Museum in Auburn from 12noon-4 pm on Saturday, April 9th. Just drive 20 minutes up Interstate I-69, get off at exit 126, and go west on Highway 11. A good turnout will send a message to our national elected officials in behalf of current and future veterans and those on active military duty. Be sure to go to the rally and take some friends as well! See you there!

Give me a call at 432-8418 regarding any community problems. I’m always interested in hearing your constructive suggestions for solutions. Thanks for the opportunity to serve the citizens of the 4th District!


Tom Hayhurst
City Councilman
4th District

The Waynedale News Staff

Tom Hayhurst

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