Technical Sergeant Anthony Vining, former Roanoke and Waynedale resident, has been awarded the Commander’s Excellence Award for January 2005 by Lt. Colonel Robert Green, Commander, 324th Training Squadron of 737th Training Group, Lackland Air Force Base, Texas.

TSgt Vining was selected by Lt. Col. Green as the top professional among all permanent Party members assigned to the unit.

TSgt Vining is a Military Training Instructor assigned to the 324th Training Squadron since April of 2004.‑ Military Training Instructors are responsible for the indoctrination and basic training of Air Force Airmen.‑ Vining has been involved with the training of over 450 Airmen since his assignment to Lackland.

In a recent interview, Vining said, “With nearly 400 Airmen and Non-commissioned officers currently assigned to the 324th, it is quite an honor to be recognized with the Commander’s Excellence Award.‑ All the people I work with are professionals in every sense of the word.‑ To be recognized as one of the best in the commander’s eyes is definitely an honor.”

Prior to being selected for his current assignment, TSgt Vining was a member of the 122nd Fighter Wing, Fort Wayne, Indiana; where he was a Communications-Computer Systems Network Operator.‑ He is on a four-year special duty assignment.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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