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The Waynedale Bakery as it was in 1986.  Kyle and Joan Mason (photo right) made all their baked goods from scratch.
The Waynedale Bakery as it was in 1986. Kyle and Joan Mason (photo right) made all their baked goods from scratch.
The Waynedale Bakery, which began 50 years ago, “started on a shoestring,” said Kyle Mason, then owner. He came from a family of five boys, no girls. “We lived on a farm in the Markle area,” Kyle went on to explain. “When it came time for doing chores one of the boys had to help with the kitchen. I was usually the one who volunteered.” And when it came time during the war, Kyle’s duties? Chief Cook on a Navy Ship. After returning home from the service, it was difficult to find any kind of job, but with the help of Kyle’s uncle, he started working at Needer’s Bakery in Huntington.

In February of 1955 Kyle and wife, Joan decided to start their own business. It just happened that Jim Noble was selling Noble’s Home Store. Kyle and Joan Mason found out and made an agreement with the Noble’s to purchase the building. Joan was expecting her second child, so they decided to hire some of the younger people in the area to help out. But according to Kyle they just couldn’t get the production out. So Kyle decided to take it on himself, many days working 16-18 hours a day. Mrs. Dorothy (Roy) Prince, who lived next door, came in one day asking for work. He hired her. Kyle said, “She was like a mother to me.” She worked for more than 20 years for the Mason’s.

The first bakery products 50 years ago were all made from scratch. Depending on what had to be done, many days for the Mason’s started at 1am, but usually 4am. The Mason’s drove in from Markle everyday to make the breads, rolls, and pastries which are just a few of the items that were stocked on the shelves.

After 32 years of baking goods for Waynedale, the Mason’s decided to retire. They sold the business to Bob and Char Grewell in 1988. Who sold the bakery to Bonnie Harris in 1998. Bonnie had rented the building, as did the Grewell’s. Bonnie and her husband, Bob made many improvements to the bakery over the last years, including adding a lunch counter for those interested in a wholesome, delicious lunch in a short time. She announced in 2002 that she was going to be taking some “Bonnie Time.”

The current owners, Hal and Fran Clinger and their daughter Christine Miller travel from the Grabill area each day. They purchased the building. Christine gathered extensive experience while working for Hall’s Cakery, and is skilled in the art of cake decorating.

The Waynedale Bakery has been in the Waynedale area since 1955. It has always been a great gathering place for young and old alike.

On Tuesday, March 1, 2005 Hal, Fran and Chris invites everyone to visit the bakery to celebrate the 50 Year Anniversary. The open house is from 1:30pm to 4:30pm with all the previous owners invited. Complimentary coffee, doughnuts, and cake will be served. Come one – come all.

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