Troop #302 of Roanoke participated at Monson Chapel UMC service on February 13, 2005 to celebrate Scout Sunday. The scouts handed out bulletins prior to the service and conducted a flag opening ceremony for the church. At the conclusion of the announcements Tom Heber (Scoutmaster of Troop #302) and Bob Heniser (Unit Commissioner) representing the Anthony Wayne Area Council presented Pastor Terry McDonald the 2005 churches sponsoring organization agreement charter. The congregation was thanked for sponsoring the troop from the adult leaders and scouts.

The Scouts also demonstrate the benefits the troop has had from the church as a sponsoring organization by presenting a plaque with the names of the 10 Eagle Scouts from the troop over the past fifteen years. Four more scouts are now ready or in the final stages of earning the Eagle rank in year 2005.

Prior to the service message, Life Scout Chris Hartley performed a musical solo on the piano for the congregation. At the end of the service the Scout Troop retired the American flag. After the service, the congregation, Brownies, Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts all joined in conversation about the many activities scouts are doing in the church, community and in their individual growth as citizens in the community.


Scouting‑For Food

The last “Scouting‑For Food” Drive‑wrapped up just before the‑Christmas holidays and the timing was great for the collection. Boy Scout Troop #38 was the‑most successful in their collection and for those keeping track, they won the District effort. Unfortunately, we find the shelves at the food bank quite lean again. To keep things in perspective, the 1993 circumstances found the Church assisting about 123 families. That number has kept growing and this year the drive helped aid over 425 families in the current economy.

This spring will be a shorter drive with many Units looking at March 12 as a day to get intensive and seek donations. There will be several Scout Units around the community at local merchants seeking donations. There may also be some Units going door-to-door asking for your‑help. There will also be many Units at various places of Worship for Sunday the 13th of‑March.

Remember that when you contribute to Scouting For Food you are helping your local community right here and right now.


Welcome Aboard!

Executive, Mr. Will Blunt, to the Anthony Wayne Area Council and the Fort‑Wayne Area. Will comes to the Miami District after serving as District Executive for the Voyageurs‑Area Council in Duluth, Minnesota.

Will is an Eagle Scout and has 23 years as a registered volunteer Scouter. Will also has two sons that have participated in the scouting program. After 20 years in‑the Coast Guard Will retired to enter professional Scouting for a change of pace. Mr. Blunt brings many personal resources and ideas to the Hoosier State with him. The one conflict evident is that‑Will‑considers‑our recent Klondike Derby weather as “balmy” after his posting in Duluth. Will’s mental attitude is very refreshing. When asked about his commitment to Scouting Will replied, “It keeps me young.”

The Waynedale News Staff

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