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Olga Bakhtova has already experienced much in her life. Born in the former USSR, Olga now refers to the Ukraine as her birthplace. As a child she grew up in communist Russia and experienced the dissolution of the USSR and the emergence of the Ukraine as an independent country.

Olga’s hometown Novoazovsk, Ukraine is just a few miles from the Russian border and that is where her father operated a beauty supply business. At a very early age Olga had access to a wide variety of professional hair supplies and didn’t hesitate to experiment. At age 16, after high school graduation, Olga attended Beauty College in Moreypoli, Ukraine.

Upon completion of beauty school Olga found work as a hairstylist in one of Ukraine’s major cities. While there she hired a mentor to teach her advanced styling.

In the next two years Olga became quite successful as a hairstylist and colorist but other events became challenging for her and her family.

Her father was no longer able to market his beauty supplies in Russia for now there was an international border between Russia and the Ukraine. Also, much of Olga’s family had to come to America to escape religious persecution. Olga’s grandfather was a Baptist minister and much of the time she and her family were treated like second-class citizens.

Conditions grew worse and Olga and her family were granted refugee status in America.

In less than three years Olga graduated from Ravenscroft Beauty College and is now allowed to practice cosmetology in 2 countries. She has learned English and is successfully pursuing a career as a hairstylist and colorist at The Hair Company, Inc. at 2501 Lower Huntington Road in Waynedale.

“Olga is an excellent colorist. Her skills range from classic, traditional hair color to trendy multi-dimensional coloring. With few exceptions I would rate Olga’s hair coloring and creative skills with any hair colorist in Fort Wayne,” said Brett Holsinger, owner of The Hair Company.

The artistically talented and creative Olga explained, “Even though there are some distinctive differences between European and American hair salons women from both parts of the world always want to look their best.”

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