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The Fort Wayne Inner Groups annual Alcoholics Anonymous New Year’s Eve dance is being sponsored by the Waynedale United Methodist Church’s Monday and Thursday night AA groups and co-sponsored by the Tuesday Night Beginners Group. Each year the Masonic Temple opens its doors and partially lifts its veil of secrecy to host The Fort Wayne Inner Groups New Year’s Eve Dance.

Fort Wayne’s Masonic Temple opened in 1925 and since 1991 it has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The building’s mezzanine along with its first, second, and fifth floors can be rented by the public and the whole building can be opened for scheduled public tours by Mary Ross who’s husband James and her father, the late Donald Niles, is the temple’s activities coordinator and building manager.

The first floor features a magnificent ballroom, with varnished hardwood floors and spacious ceilings supported by tall polished marble Egyptian columns. Almost everything in the temple has significance. Mary Ross said, “Stair cases have three, seven and five steps, with various meanings. Three represents the three degrees of Masonry and the three principle offices of the lodge. Five symbolizes the order of architecture and the five human senses; and seven represents liberal arts and sciences. The mezzanine also has a kitchen and this year the aroma of four prime beef rounds and four cases of chicken wings from Tom Didier Meats will be served from there.

The legendary Doctor Feelgood who’s also become a tradition at AA’s annual New Year’s Eve extravaganza will be spinning the discs and doing the countdown for this year’s balloon drop. Several of Barleycorn’s readers have written to The Waynedale News and said, “It would be the bomb if Barleycorn did the Robot this year.” Barleycorn, has declined their request, but nevertheless ticket sales are brisk. The Fort Wayne Inner Group’s treasurer Bernie Gonya said, “Ticket sales are brisk and although tickets will be available at the door there will be a cut off point according to strict fire codes.”

Be there or be square!

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