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Thirteen-year-old Kalene Powell will again represent Northern Indiana in the sixty-seventh running of the All-American Soap Box Derby. The race is scheduled to start at 10:00am at Derby Downs in Akron, Ohio on Saturday, July 31. She won one of the coveted seven positions in the Super Stock Rally Division from the 5th District. The 5th District includes champions from Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan. Competitors in these states have accumulated points by racing in several rally race opportunities during the past year. Kalene traveled with her grandparents Charles and Marvel Powell of the Waynedale area to compete in 30 of these races and accumulating enough points to place her in the top seven finishers. These seven champs will join another 150 Rally Champs and over 400 local City Champs from all over the world and for the All-American Soap Box Derby event beginning with the Champs welcome and sign-in on Monday, July 26.

Kalene is an eighth grade student at Heritage Jr. High and resides in the Mill Road Estates with her parents Timothy and Phyllis Powell and her sister Kristina. She has been successful previously in Akron by placing fourth in the Stock Division during the sixty-fifth AASBD in 2002 and competing last year in the Super Stock division. The top three finishers in each Division are awarded valuable College Scholarships. This championship goal, the meeting of new friends and the excitement of being a part of “The Greatest Amateur Downhill Racing Event in the World” keeps Powell racing.

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