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Avalon’s Swim Club won this year’s City Swim Meet. It is the fifth consecutive win by the Avalon team. Their theme this year was “Avalon, We Are Unbelievable,” and they lived up to that theme by scoring 2342 points to runner-up Pocahontas’ 1932 points. Avalon’s Swim team coaches are Chris Knoblauch and Tanya Bunsold and their dive coaches are Amber Knoblauch and Sara White.

This year’s City tournament showed more parity than previous years as over 900 swimmers, ages 5-19 from 14 teams competed in 70 events. The City meet is sponsored by Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation. The last team to win the event, besides Avalon was Arlington Park back in 1999.

The Avalon Swim Team usually arrives at the Helen P. Brown Natatorium in Trolley’s, but a mix- up in schedules left them without a ride. They responded by turning a scheduling mistake into a limo caravan. They arrived in nine white stretch limos, two SUV limo’s and a number of pick-up trucks and vans. Their ride through the Waynedale area was as impressive as most holiday parades, and pushed their excitement level to an extraordinary high.

It is the painted green and blue fingernails, decorated vehicles and cheering until your voice gives out, that keeps these kids coming back year after year.

Avalon placed second to Sycamore Hills Club in the City Dive Competition, which took place the weekend after the City Swim meet on July 23, 24 & 25.

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