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Photo by Cindy Cornwell - Bobcat & Scissor Lift aid in the reconstruction of the Waynedale Branch Library.
Photo by Cindy Cornwell – Bobcat & Scissor Lift aid in the reconstruction of the Waynedale Branch Library.
The $1,653,000 expansion of the Waynedale Branch Library is ahead of schedule reported Michael Clegg, Branch Operations Manager. Once the expansion is complete, there will be access from the front and the rear of the building. There will be expanded parking facilities and the building will increase in size by 4800 additional square feet. There will be new and additional computers for easier access to files and documents. Most of Waynedale’s books are now being stored in the trailers alongside the library.

What has the Waynedale Library staff been doing while the library is being rebuilt?

Well, Waynedale Branch Manager, Don Fisher has been working at he Main Library in Business and Technology. Children’s Librarian Carrie Harris is filling in at the Hessen Cassel Branch Library. And Assistant Manager Pam Hoffman is working at the Dupont Branch Library. “I’ll be glad to get back to Waynedale,” commented Pam, “the traffic out north is a real challenge.” Not only will she be glad to be back, the Waynedale community will be glad to have the entire friendly staff back. We miss them and the wealth of information they offer the community.

The Waynedale Branch Library was built in 1972. This expansion project, contracted by R. E. Crosby & Son began in April 2004 and is scheduled for completion in January of 2005. The project is a little ahead of schedule and may be ready for operations as early as late October or early November 2004. Other improvements include a re-designed entry, updated décor and furniture, wider isles, self-service checkout stations, separate children’s area, young adults area, a public meeting room, and updated restrooms.

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