Did you ever wonder what life was like before digital cameras, wide screen TVs, cell phones, and gas prices at over $2.00 a gallon?

The family camera was a Brownie box camera, TV was black and white with tin foil on the “rabbit ears” antenna, and you got some exercise getting up to change the position of the antenna, trying to clear up the snowy picture. Oh – and there was no remote, so you got up to change the channels as well.‑ There were three to choose from.‑ The phone was a party line, without any parties.‑ OK, ask your grandma to explain the party line to you.‑ If you pulled into a service station (that’s what we used to call gas stations), you could get your oil checked, windshield cleaned, and tire pressure checked by a person that you knew on a first name basis and who was always pleasant and thanked you for buying $2.00 worth of gas from him, so you could go the weekend and still have gas left in your Ford or Chevy or perhaps your Cushman Eagle.‑‑Alright, ask Grandpa what a Cushman Eagle was.‑ While you’re at it, ask Grandma and Grandpa if they would pop some popcorn the way they did it in the old days, before microwave ovens – and don’t forget the Kool-ade, as you set up the card table for a game of Canasta or Monopoly.

Those were the days – good days.‑ I pray that you have a good day and a wonderful, joy-filled, happy life.‑ I’m happy.‑ Got a big bowl of popcorn‑- microwaved – and a Mountain Dew!


Rev. Tom Dancing Feather Ebbing

The Waynedale News Staff

Rev. Thomas Dancing Feather Ebbing

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