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Angie Sturm, a junior at Bishop Luers High School placed 4th in the State Bowling Finals at Western Bowl in Indianapolis. The event took place on Saturday, March 20th, 2004. The Waynedale News first featured Angie last July when she became the Indiana State Queens Champion.

Last year Angie missed the State Bowling Tournament by 16 pins. This year one of her goals was to make the State Finals. She accomplished that goal by winning the South Bend Semi-State with a three-game total score of 696. The road to the State finals involved placing in the top 20 bowlers in the Sectional at Georgetown Bowl, winning the Regional in Lafayette, Indiana, winning the Semi-State in South Bend and then bowling her way to the Final-Four at Western Bowl.

Angie began the Single Elimination Final-Four roll-off, by failing to pick up the #2 pin for an open in the first frame. It is such a small thing to make a little mistake, but the pesky #2 pin sat right there in the lane as her ball slipped by on the right. In the second frame Angie left herself with a 5-7 split. She regrouped and picked up the split, which turned a potential disaster into a momentum gathering frame. Angie closed the rest of the frames, but her 183 fell just three pins short of her reaching the final game.

Angie is coached by two experienced bowlers, Luers’ Team Coach Steve Vining and her personal Coach Jeff Dreyfus. She practices at both Village Bowl and Little Turtles Hillcrest Bowl. Angie’s parents, Bob and Pat Sturm along with many other Fort Wayne fans cheered Angie on throughout the tournament. Kara Bunting of Terre Haute South won the state tournament.

The Bishop Luers Boys Team placed fifth in state competition. Their team includes: Josh Leonard, Austin Drabenstot, Dan Brockman, Adam Witte, Zach Stabler, Brad Carteaux, Pat Stone, coached by Rex Fox and Tom Leonard. The Bishop Luers Girls Team placed 6th at Semi-State that was held at Chippewa Bowl, South Bend.

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