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Dave Kinnee, District Executive for Miami District, was supposed to have gone swimming at Camp Little Turtle during the last Klondike Derby up at Camp Chief Little Turtle. In the last issue of The Waynedale News we asked questions like: “WHAT HAPPENED TO DAVE?” Did he or did he not get wet at the last Klondike Derby? We wanted to know what was going on. What happened? Did he lose a bet? Did he really go swimming? Did he skinny dip? Did he go in his Joe boxers or his Fruit of the Looms? Did anyone see him? We would like to know the facts.

A letter from Gary McOmber, Assistant Scoutmaster Troop 344, answered most of our questions.




You asked, “Did Dave dive?” Enclosed please find photographic evidence that Dave Kinnee (our fearless Miami District Executive) did actually take a plunge for Scouting during the annual Klondike Derby. Mr. Kinnee apparently lost a bet with one of our local units concerning the amount of popcorn that the Scouts would be able to sell at our annual fund raiser.

The Pigeon River, which flows through the camp, afforded the only open water so Dave chose that as the location for his swim. True to his word, Dave removed only his hat and boots to hit the water. With all of the grace of the Titanic, Dave floundered through his ordeal and then headed for a heated lodge before his entire uniform iced over.

Thanks for what you’re doing for the Scouting program.




Troop 344 would like to congratulate our latest Eagle Scout, Randy Brautzsch. Randy started his Boy Scout career with Troop 344 in May of 1998 and completed his Eagle Board of Review just last month. Randy’s Eagle Service Project was to clear and rehabilitate a neglected and overgrown Prayer Garden at the Waynedale Missionary Baptist Church on Lower Huntington Road.

Through the years the garden had trees fall across its trails and brush grow to clutter the area. Randy organized an effort that included many other Scouts and Scouters and they all spent many hours with chainsaws, chipper/shredders, and brush cutters to accomplish this. At his Board of Review, Randy stated that he had picked this as an Eagle project when he first entered Boy Scouts from Cub Pack 3344 at Waynedale United Methodist Church.

A hearty congratulation is in order for Randy. We are also quite glad to hear that Randy plans to stay involved with the Scouting program as an adult and to continue helping both the Unit and new Scouts reach their goals. Troop 344 currently has several other Scouts at witch the rank of Life Scout who are close to completing their own Eagle requirements.

The Prayer garden is available for the entire community to use if they are looking for a natural area for contemplation or just to get back to nature for a minute or to escape the hectic pace of modern life. These Scouts are continuing the tradition of giving back to the community, just as fellow Scouts have been for almost 100 years.



It costs approximately $150 to send one Scout to camp for a week of summer camp. Would you consider sponsoring a Scout for a week ($150), a half week ($75), or even just one day ($30) or any amount (?-$00.00-?) to help as much as you can.

If so, please send your gift today, to the Anthony Wayne Area Council, 8315 West Jefferson Blvd., Fort Wayne, IN 46804, or drop off your donation (check or money order please) in a sealed envelope at The Waynedale News office – 2700 Lower Huntington Road. Write ‘SEND A SCOUT TO CAMP’ on the envelope and we will see that your donation is delivered to the council. You will receive a “Big Thank You” from the council and if you want your gift to remain anonymous we can to that. Your canceled check or a copy of your money order can be used as a receipt when you take the amount of your gift off your income tax.



Enroll your children/grandchildren/step children in Scouting

Become a Boy Scout/Cub Scout volunteer

Tell your neighbors and friends about Scouting

Get your place of worship involved in Scouting

Write a letter to your local newspaper; tell others about your local Scout activities

Write a letter to your United Way – many of the more than 14,000 local United Way chapters support the BSA. The Anthony Wayne Area Council is supported by 11 United Ways. Let them know what a great job Scouting is doing in your community.

Write your local school board president and principal. Thank them for the opportunity to use the facilities for Scouting activities.

Contact the Anthony Wayne Area Council. Tell them how much you appreciate what the organization is doing in your community to build tomorrow’s leaders.

Organize a Scout color guard for local athletic events or city council meetings. It is important to see Scouting as a meaningful and vital part of the community.

Financially support a youth in need. Everyone who shares BSA’s strong values should be able to participate in Scouting. Contribute to Scouting and you will change a life. Become a Friend of Scouting.



Each year the council gets $25 per plate back from the state, thanks to the many people who have purchased a Boy Scout license plate. You do not have to be registered as a Scout leader to purchase a BSA plate. Everyone who drives a car can buy the plate. My wife’s car and my car both show our BSA support by displaying the BSA plates. Our plate numbers are BP-315 and BP-314 respectfully. I think the BP may stand for Bayden Powell, the founder of the Boy Scout movement.

The Waynedale News Staff

Ray McCune

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