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Did he or did he not get wet at our last Klondike Derby? We here at The Waynedale News understand that Dave Kinnee, District Executive for Miami District, was supposed to go swimming at Camp Little Turtle during our last Klondike Derby. We want to know what was going on. What happened? Did he lose a bet? Did he really go swimming? Did he skinny dip. Did he go in his Joe boxers or his Fruit of the Looms? Did anyone see him? If anyone has the full story on this let us know. We would like just facts please (and some printable pictures). We may even publish them. Give us a call at 747-4535 and tell us what you know.



We understand that Robert Jobe, a Life Scout and member of Boy Scout Troop 38, sponsored by Calvary United Methodist Church, will be receiving his Eagle Scout badge as soon as all his paperwork has been approved.

Congratulations Bob on completing your Eagle Scout service project. Besides the required 21 merit badges Bob has earned, he also planned and executed a service project for Waynedale’s Lakewood Addition that included lowering and refurbishing a 40 foot flag pole and re-installing it with all new hardware and rope to raise and lower the American flag, state flag, and a POW flag (when it becomes available).

The service project also included putting a brick circle around the flower bed at the base of the flag pole and installing two benches in the triangle that contains three other flower beds, three light poles, and three large 50-year old maple trees that had to be trimmed in order to lower the pole and to keep the flag from catching in the branches.

Although the project is completed and signed off, Bob has offered to add mulch to the flower beds as soon as the weather permits.

The flag pole triangle can be seen at the junction of Lakewood Drive and Donna Drive. We’ve seen your guys out there in blizzard type weather taking down and putting up the pole as well as installing the bricks and the benches. Good job Eagle candidate Robert Jobe.



Recently we picked up some literature about another branch of the Boy Scouts of America. It was about the Sea Scouts. Although we don’t have an ocean or a ‘sea’ anywhere near Fort Wayne, I understand we are getting or have gotten a ‘Ship’ as their unit is called. Boy Scouts have Troops; Cub Scouts have Packs and Sea Scouts have Ships. Makes sense to me.

According to the brochure, “Sea Scouting is an exciting program with plenty of opportunities based upon a rich tradition. Sea Scouts is a co-educational program offered to young adults between the ages of 14 to 21. Whether it is on a bay, a river, a lake, or the ocean, Seas Scout groups – called “ships” – have been established all across the country. Ships provide opportunities for adventure and offer exciting challenges that you won’t find anywhere else. The sea offers a challenge to all who venture upon it. If you are looking for challenges, you will find them here, along with the opportunity to establish long-lasting friendships.”

“Need more information? Contact your local BSA Council (look under “Boy Scouts of America” in your phone book) or visit the Sea Scout Web site at www.seascout.org.”

The following information is available from your local BSA council service center:

Sea Scout Manual – No. 33239B and How to Organize a Sea Scout Ship, No. 25-352

I understand that they are looking for adult leaders especially, ex-sailors or Coast Guard personal.

Anyone wanting more information about the BSA in Waynedale, contact Ray McCune at The Waynedale News.

The Waynedale News Staff

Ray McCune

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