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Special Love


Sometimes we are reminded of a relationship so special that it burns into our minds and hearts forever. ‑Special times with our fathers, mothers, siblings, and friends are at the top of these special memories.

My good friend, Billie Blush, (Elmhurst class of ’59) sent me this picture of her son-in-law, Ben, with Billie’s two grandchildren, Stewart, and Zoey. ‑I couldn’t help but stare at this picture and feel an overwhelming sentiment of the beautiful comforting relationship between kids and parents, when the relationship is “just perfect”. ‑One of my favorite pictures (in my head) is of all of my siblings and me sitting at Dad’s feet while he played the guitar to us. My mother was always sitting by, smiling. Now, this picture comes to me from my friend, Billie, via the internet, and memories flooded back. It is said a picture is worth a thousand words. This is one of those pictures. The father towering above his little children, surrounding them with his protection. ‑I look at this picture and see the unconditional love, the watchfulness, the security that many would give anything for. I think this is a perfect Christmas picture of family love. Billie’s daughter, Jan is Billie’s treasure, also. ‑Fortunate are the children who have the supportive love of good parents. Thank a kind God that I had that type of love from my parents.

May the spirit of Christmas, of family love, and of precious children, fill your hearts this Holiday season. God bless all the families. God bless the children. And God bless Waynedale.



Mae Julian

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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