Coast guard Cadet Joshua K. Drysdale, son of Army Command Sgt. Maj. and Mrs. John K. Drysdale of Strongsville, Ohio, and grandson of Tom Elsch of Fort Wayne, and grandson of Janet E. Lengerich of Geneva, recently enrolled as a cadet at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, New London, Connecticut.

At the academy, Drysdale will undergo four years of extensive study in engineering, mathematics, physical and marine sciences, management and government, Coast Guard history, military justice, marine biology, computer science, physics and a variety of elective courses leading to baccalaureate degree. An emphasis is also placed on physical fitness.

During Drysdale’s time at the Coast Guard Academy, he will also participate in summer on-the-job training, which gives Drysdale the opportunity to gain professional experience aboard Coast Guard vessels and at shore installations. Training cruises provide practical instruction in basic seamanship, navigation, ordnance, gunnery exercises and communications.

Drysdale is a 2003 graduate of Strongsville High School of Strongsville, Ohio.

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