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Stephen Felicichia, a Junior at Bishop Luers High School, was selected to participate in the National Rifle Association’s eighth annual Friends of NRA Youth Education Summit (YES). YES is a 6-day, all expense paid educational experience in Washington, D.C. for outstanding high school sophomores and juniors. While in the nation’s capital, Stephen will learn the significance of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights while developing an understanding of the government and the importance of actively participating in it.

Stephen was selected from numerous qualified applicants from across the country. Stephen was required to complete an extensive application, which included the submissions of school transcripts, a 5-page essay about the Second Amendment, and three personal recommendations.

Stephen is a member of Bishop Luer’s 20 member Riflery Club, taught by instructor Susan Zurcher. He is a member of Bishop Luer’s National Honor Society, Key Club, and the Peer Tutoring Program. He is a member of the Allen County Public Library’s Teen Advisory Board, is a Boy Scout with Bob Rainwater’s Troop 344 in Waynedale, and is currently working on achieving the rank of Eagle. He was a Luer’s representative at Senator Lugar’s Leadership Symposium in Indianapolis, last December. He was also a recipient of this year’s Wells Fargo/YMCA Youth Award for his exceptional commitment to volunteering in the community. His academic interests include political science and history.

The Youth Educational Summit is in its eighth year. The National Rifle Association launched the program in an effort to encourage America’s youth to become active and knowledgeable citizens on both national and local levels. All funding for the program is provided by the NRA Foundation through monies raised by Friends of NRA. Since its inception in 1993, Friends of NRA has funded thousands of projects that include youth education, firearm training, and wildlife conservation projects.

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