The Wayne Township Trustee’s office is keenly aware of the recent surge in technology. Computer enhanced imaging, mobile government and systems integration creates a whole new world of possibilities. Our Computer System’s Department has been taking advantage of the technological advances that have become available, and has succeeded in having very little computer system down time. Keeping our systems up to date and working properly enhances our ability to serve our clients and the community in a more proficient and effective manner.

Our many community partnerships and the integration of our computer systems require a high level of security and virus protection software in place and kept up to date. This software has detected many viruses and blocked or deleted them before they were able to damage our system or data. Our data is backed up and stored in manner that best protects the vast investment of the tax paying public and respects the confidentiality of our clients. We are working on completing our System’s Department’s Disaster Recovery Plan. In the event of a natural disaster the township trustee will play a critical role in the rebuilding of this community. It is essential to be able to restore our systems and data as they support all the other functions of the township in its service to our citizens.

We are currently investigating purchasing an Imaging System to scan most of our documents. This Imaging System would enable us to not only back up documents and data and safely store them off site, but will also allow us to increase our productivity without hiring additional staff. Investments in technology like this have benefited the Wayne township community by increasing the efficiency and accuracy of the client application process while keeping our workforce essentially the same. I’m proud of our dedicated staff who in the face of these uncertain economic conditions, continues to focus on our mission: guardian of the taxpayer, advocate of the poor.

The Waynedale News Staff

Matthew Schomburg

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