We have just finished Valentine’s Day in our modern day civilized society and are able to purchase all the candy hearts, toys, etc, that we want at half-price. And now it is time to fill our baskets with Easter eggs, yellow marshmallow chicks, bunnies and lots of chocolate. Yum! Yum!

I wish to share a vision, a thought and a prayer. If we have love in our hearts and respect for our family, friends, and all of God’s creation, we then stand in the circle of unity, blessed by the Holy Spirit and are a Valentine to each other and our Earth Mother.

We do not have to look far for gifts to fill our spiritual baskets, for we have a guiding star that illuminates our path and our journey. I pray that our baskets will be full to overflowing with the love of our Saviour and the blessings of the Holy Spirit, and that we can take from our baskets a few loaves and feed many.


Happy Easter!

God Bless Us All.

Rev. Tom Dancing Feather Ebbing

The Waynedale News Staff

Rev. Thomas Dancing Feather Ebbing

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