Karen Travis, owner of WGL Radio, 1250AM, called me Monday morning and asked if I would be interested in covering a story involving Dave Macy. Karen is one of our business neighbors here in Waynedale, operating her radio station just a few blocks east of The Waynedale News.

Macy is a radio announcer that had previously worked for WOWO (Pathfinder Communications). WOWO discontinued the ‘Macy in the Morning’ show last December, leaving Dave without a job. Today, Monday, February 24th was his first day back on the air, this time with his new employer WGL. Karen explained that Pathfinder Communications was filing a temporary injunction against Dave Macy to keep him off the air.

I went to the courthouse and patiently waited as security checked the metal snaps on my coat. I walked up the two flights of marble stairs and followed the ornately decorated halls that led to Superior Court. Macy was sitting in the hallway with his wife Angie.

Macy had written some articles for The Waynedale News about a year ago, so this was not the first time I had talked to him. He was calm and reserved as he waited outside of Superior Court for WGL’s attorney to come out and brief him.

Macy had been in hot water before, having said things on the air that were not politically correct, so when news hit that he had been fired by WOWO most people felt it was because of something he had said.

I didn’t discuss the why of Macy’s dismissal, but asked him how Pathfinder Communications could keep him from doing his show at a new radio station. He stated that he had signed a non-compete clause before taking his job at WOWO, but he considered that agreement null and void due to the circumstances surrounding his dismissal. I asked his wife how she was holding up and she said, “We’ve turned it over to God. Things will work out, one way or the other.”

I later talked to Karen Travis again and found that Pathfinder Communications had withdrawn their temporary injunction but would attempt to file a permanent injunction against Dave on Monday, March 3rd. The case will be heard by Superior Court Judge Nancy Boyer at which time we should find out if we will be able to tune in to WGL at 5:00 AM and listen to Dave talk about whatever happens to be going on in the Fort Wayne area.

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