Beginning the new year was quite an exciting venture for Jerry and Mary Mathis. Over the holidays they left their nice warm home in Naples, Florida to visit relatives in Fort Wayne, they haven’t been back since. You see, they fell in love with the world’s largest fitness center franchise, Curves.

Beginning January 6, 2003 Jerry and Mary became the proud new business owners of Curves in Waynedale, located in Wayne Plaza on Bluffton Road. Curves is a fitness and weight loss facility for women only. Curves offers a 30-minute workout in a supportive environment. This exercise system is built around easy-to-learn resistance machines combined with warm-up and cool down, strengthening and aerobic workout.

Warming up and cooling down allows your body to safely adjust to the stress of exercise. Aerobic exercise allows you to burn body fat and to improve your heart, lungs, and vascular system. Visit their website at to learn more.

Mary believes that exercise should be fun. “To add to our new business decor, we will be having a new mural designed in the exercise area,” stated Mary. “It will feature the Curves logo with all the ladies on their bikes.” Mary is also adding two more machines to the workout area.

To find out if Curves is right for you, take a moment, stop by and meet Jerry and Mary, the proud new owners located in Wayne Plaza. Welcome to Waynedale.

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