Macworld 2003


This year’s Macworld Expo was held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA. On Tuesday January 7th, Steve Jobs, founder and CEO, introduced some new products. This year Apple proclaims 2003 the year of the portable computer.

So in the year of the portable, Apple raised the bar on portable computers by introducing a 17-inch wide screen PowerBook G4. And to fill the shoes of ultra portability users, apple introduced the first 12-inch PowerBook G4. Both PowerBooks are fast and fully capable of everything a desktop computer can do and more.

The 17-inch PowerBook G4 also sports a science fiction like keyboard that lights-up in the dark with fiber optic lit keys. It weighs less that 6 pounds and has the first ever Firewire 800 port. (Firewire 800 is a new technology to connect hard drives and other peripherals to your computer, and is twice as fast as the original firewire.)

In a time when other computer manufacturers are cutting jobs and product lines, Apple Computer finds ways to innovate the computer world. They do this by bringing new ways of doing things and raising the bar of technologies and leading the way.

Other products introduced at the Macworld Expo were iLife, Keynote, Final Cut Express, and Safari. iLife is an integrated collection of iApps, (iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie and iDVD) that integrate beautifully so that any user can share photos, music, movies to anyone using DVDs and the Internet. Keynote is a new presentation application that does what PowerPoint does only better, and easier. Final Cut Express is the award winning professional video editing program for under $400. And Safari is a turbo powered web browser capable of breaking every speed record in web browsers.

Steve Jobs mentioned that invention and innovation are very different in nature. Invention is the creation of an idea or concept. Innovation is a new idea or concept that is implemented into the workflow. A new way of doing things easier and better is the driving force of innovation. It’s humbling to know there is a company that drives the industry to innovate and do things better, because without innovation, we would not evolve into more efficient and better people.

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