A game of musical chairs was part of a skit performed by the children of Liberty Mills Church of the Nazarene.
A game of musical chairs was part of a skit performed by the children of Liberty Mills Church of the Nazarene.
It was Sunday, December 15th, just ten days before Christmas 2003. Churches around the neighborhood were celebrating the season by lighting Lenten candles, decorating trees, and most importantly, showing off the church youths via Christmas programs.

The children’s program at the Liberty Mills Church of the Nazarene, Liberty Mills Road, featured a play called Mr. Funfiddle’s Christmas.

This program started with a flute-clarinet duet performed by Brittany Cooper and Amber Galloway. The plays’ story-line involved Mr. Funfiddle’s (Dave Harts), attempt to throw a party for the four spirits of Christmas; Joy, Love, Hope, and Peace, with good times to be enjoyed by all the children.

The heavy in this story was a policeman, Officer Casey, (Pastor Terry Fittro), who stops by to break up the party due to the fact that Mr. Funfiddle’s party permit has expired. Luckily, the four spirits of Christmas sit the policeman down and give him a good dose of Joy, Love, Hope, and Peace. The four spirits caused Officer Casey to find a technicality in the expired party permit, which allowed the party to continue.

Each of the four spirits came forward with a skit in which the children participated. The play was typical of productions involving kids; missed cues, sour notes and lost lines. The beauty of this performance, played by these young actors and actresses, lies in those flaws.

The fact that this was not a polished Civic production and the innocence in which these parts were played put the entire congregation in the Christmas spirit.

It’s not too late. If you’re tired of being a hum-bug, check your local events calendar, find a Christmas show and cherish the joys of Christmas present in your kid’s, grandkid’s, or neighborhood kid’s presentations.

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