Ahhhh, Fall, time for festivities, food, and hunting. The leaves are changing colors and there’s a bit of frost in the air. It’s sweatshirt weather and my favorite time of the year. Deer (bow) season is in and it’s time to sight-in our muzzleloaders, hand guns, and slug guns for the up coming deer seasons. Oh and let’s not forget to sight in those crossbows which are now legal to hunt with in Indiana. Check our hunting laws before going into the woods; some changes have been made. You may get a copy of Indiana’s hunting regulations at most K-Mart Stores, Wal-Mart Stores, gun shops, bait shops, and state parks. Be prepared for ‘sticker shock’ when you go to purchase those 2002 hunting and or fishing licenses. What used to cost $13.75 now costs $24.00. Add an extra $3 per license if you purchase those same hunting licenses from the IDNR website.

Here’s a suggestion: If you purchase your hunting license from the IDNR website and download them onto ordinary typing paper and then download the necessary temporary transportation tags that you must have, then do what I did; CYA (Cover Your Ah-behind). #1-Download and print your license and then your transportation tags and fill out everything that requires and ink pin. #2-Go to Walgreens and purchase a laminating kit for a few dollars (it’s cheaper than a $500 dollar fine or a lot of hassle from having a wet, mud soaked unreadable license). #3- Laminate your license and tags, fold and put in your wallet, go hunting. Now all you have to do is to ‘notch’ the tag with your hunting knife when you bag your deer. New law states that you don’t have to tag your deer in the field but you do have to tag it as soon as you load it in your vehicle and before transporting it anywhere. Note: Your deer must be taken to a check-in station within 24 hours – I take mine ASAP and get it over with. Good luck! I’ll see you out there in the woods or on the water.

Just got a note from “Stormy” Weldon, Recording Secretary of the Fort Wayne Beagle Club. He said, “We are a non-profit organization and all proceeds from our ‘turkey shoot’ will benefit our wild life by feeding, planting, and improving the wild life habitat. The Fort Wayne Beagle Club isn’t just about dogs. Our furry and feathered wild life friends will thank you and so will we. By the way, we do not use live turkeys as targets like they did in days gone by but we do give out frozen turkeys as prizes.”



Who: Fort Wayne Beagle Club (EST. 1926)
What: Turkey Shoot (Frozen turkeys for prizes – We shoot at targets not at live turkeys. – Shotgun shells furnished.)
When: Oct 27, 2002 and November 10, 2002 from 11am to ??
Where: 1432 Aboite Road, 1st road west of General Motors on Lafayette Center Road – turn left 1/2 mile on right – signs posted
Why: Proceeds benefit our wild life by feeding, planting, and improving the wild life habitat. – All sportsmen are welcome. Noon lunch served.



(Rated – B (Best) G (Good) F (Fair) P (Poor) D (Don’t know)

October 1–31 – Pumpkin Fantasyland – Ligonier, IN (G)
October 25-26 – Conner Prairie Headless Horseman – Fishers, IN (D)
October 26-27 – Historic Newburgh Ghost Walks – Newburgh, IN (D)
October 24-26 – Forbidden Forest – Crown Point, IN (D)
October 24-26 – Enchanted Park – Huntington, IN (D)
October 25-26 – Haunted Riverwalk – Wabash, IN (D)
October 26 – Halloween on the Square – Corydon, IN (D)
October 27-29 – Callithumpian Festival – Decatur, IN (D)

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