Do you have what it takes to visit the scariest place in the Fort Wayne area? The Haunted Cave. This Halloween Party started 10 years ago for family and friends. “It just kept getting bigger and bigger, so we decided to open it up to the public,” stated Tim Stone, one of the owners of The Haunted Cave. The Cave is currently 10,000 square feet of terror and getting bigger each year. It is located between Ardmore and Smith Roads, just off of Engle Road across from Kapp’s Landscape on the corner of Clubview and Arden Drive (watch for the signs).

“This Halloween event is more than cheap thrills and is not recommended for children under the age of 12,” Stone says. It is loaded with scares like Michael Myer’s Chamber, The Creeper’s New Prison, and then there is “George” he stays in the dark! If you are pregnant, have a heart condition, or carry any kind of negative force The Séance Room with Gypsy Rose is not the place for you. Avoid the dead bodies as you find your way through.

Directed by torches and candles you will experience the 3-D special effects of the Vortex. Which way is up? As you adventure on through the cave to hopefully, eventually, reaching the real world, you could encounter “The Head on a Stick!” Be Careful. They are everywhere!

For those really brave souls it will take an average of 30-40 minutes to explore the cave dwellings…that is if you don’t get lost, then, it may take a little bit longer.

Owners Tim Stone and Jerry McCann have a total of 33 volunteers to work the cave. And this years’ cave designers include: Russ Gusching, Matthew McCoy, Ryan Link, and Brad Stetler. Additionally, two family members at the ticket booth and two police officers who work security, help keep the lines moving during the night.

The Haunted Cave is open on Thursdays 7pm – 10pm, Fridays & Saturdays 7pm – midnight, and Sundays 7pm – 10pm until November 2nd. And of course, Halloween Night from 7pm – 10pm. Admission is only $9. Bring a can of food to help support the Community Harvest Food Bank and receive $1 off. And to get an additional $2 off, visit their website at www.HauntedCave.com. Group rates are also available.

“Having fun and helping folks is what our Haunted Cave is all about,” states Stone.

You will find tricks on the inside and if you find your way out, you will leave The Haunted Cave with a treat.


P.S. I would recommend using the Port-a-Potties before you enter the cave!

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