I’m disappointed in that I don’t have a lot of information coming in from area Scout troops or packs. Send me your advancements and where you went on your monthly outings. Let me know what your leaders are planning and where and when you meet in case someone is interested in joining your unit. In the meantime I’ll report what I have. We’ll also publish pictures of your unit as space permits.

Jerry Lloyd, Scoutmaster of Troop 38 and Jim Fox, Assistant Scoutmaster of Troop 38 have informed me that Troop 38, sponsored by Calvary United Methodist Church, will again be making corn bread in Dutch ovens at the Johnny Appleseed Festival Saturday, September 24 and 25, 2002. This is an annual fundraiser for the Troop. They will be working with the Old Settlers group. I understand that vegetable soup or bean soup will be available along with the corn bread. Stop in and enjoy some of the best Dutch oven corn bread you’ve ever tasted. While you’re there talk to the boys and leaders about Scouting.

Portage Creek Camp Association made the announcement that they would like to restart Cub Scout Pack 3044. The pack was once sponsored by or met at Maplewood School. The Association is currently looking for the Pack’s flags and other information concerning the Pack’s background.

If you, or your boy, are interested in joining the hope-to-soon-to-be-formed Pack, then contact Jack Shepard, Walt Pressler, or Ray McCune (numbers found elsewhere in this column or come on down to the regular Boy Scout meetings at 7pm on Monday nights and talk to the leaders). We are in need of concerned parents, dedicated leaders and interested boys for both our Boy Scout Troop and the Cub Pack. Cub Scout meetings will be held at the Scout Cabin on a weekday (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday) whichever is agreed upon by the leaders-to-be.

Girl Scout Troop #850 will be holding a yard/garage sale from 9am to 5pm, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, September 12, 13, and 14, 2002 at 2803 Westview Avenue (off Brooklyn Avenue close to the railroad crossing). Articles available: a gas lawnmower, 2 antique cedar chests, 2 beveled mirrors, 2 coffee tables, Robi grass edger, microwave oven, Kenwood Stereo, clothes, baby clothes, table with matching chairs, full size bed frame, and lots of toys. $2-Bag Sale on last day of sale.

Portage Creek Camp Association’s “2nd BI-ANNUAL MORE THAN AWLSOME HUMONGUS WAYNEDALE-WIDE GARAGE SALE” will be held Friday, September 6, 2002 and Saturday, September 7, 2002 from 8am to 5pm at the Scout Cabin, corner of Ardmore Avenue and Lower Huntington Road. They need donations. This is an opportunity to not only get rid of your old junk but to purchase some terrific bargains. Do you have a full garage/basement/attic/lake cottage that you want emptied? (Sorry they don’t “clean” garages, basements, and attics, etc – they just pick up sellable items.)

Do you want to get rid of your old toys, tools, cooking utensils, furniture, antiques, collectibles, and stuff you didn’t get rid of in your last garage sale? The members of Portage Creek Camp Association (Sponsors of Boy Scout Troop 44), said they are willing to come to your house to pick up your donations. You may drop off your donations at the Scout Cabin but you must call first and arrange for someone to meet you there. Please don’t drop anything off in front of the door; it will only get wet or be stolen. Call and have someone meet you there PLEASE. We will issue a receipt for your tax-deductible donations. Take a FREE tour of the Boy Scout Cabin while you’re there.

Don’t throw it out; call Jack Shepard at 436-2422, for a ‘free’ pickup. For more information about Boy Scouting in the Waynedale area, contact Ray McCune at Portage Creek Camp Association, 2700 Lower Huntington Road or call him at 747-4535 or call Committee Chairman Walt Pressler at 436-9462.

Boy Scout Troops are looking for good used uniforms. Are you, or your boy, finished with scouting? Do you have some old uniforms or uniform parts (belt, shirt, pants, socks – either in Boys sizes or Adult sizes) laying around in dresser drawers or hanging in the back of a closet? Please donate these items to a Boy Scout Troop. We have boys in need of uniforms right now. Call Scoutmaster Jack Shepard at 436-2422 for pickup, or drop the items off at THE WAYNEDALE NEWS, 2700 Lower Huntington Road. Items donated are tax deductible.

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