Six months ago, I announced to the public I was adding a new staff position (Resource Specialist) to Wayne Township. The mission of this position is to locate and secure monetary and non-monetary resources for those who are either partially or wholly denied Township assistance. I fully recognize the difference between the terms “people in need”, and “people eligible for assistance”. I wanted to extend my mission of helping those in need by coordinating with other benevolent agencies who are able to help them.

This position celebrated its six-month anniversary, which was filled by Mr. Dennis Powell. He has done an outstanding job accessing outside resources on behalf of Wayne Township citizens. So far, he has secured nearly $8,000 per month for those households that did not qualify for township assistance. The resource specialist also intervenes in crisis situations, acting as both an advocate and a liaison between clients and creditors (such as utility companies and landlords) to prevent disconnection of services and evictions. At times, people who come to the township need non-monetary items, such as clothing, furniture, paper goods, etc. and often this is done by helping the clients navigate through the maze of social service organizations.

The success of this position is due, in part, to the close working relationship with First Call for Help (a United Way program). By allowing us direct access to their database, we have been able to tap into the most current agency information. This is truly a unique collaborative effort, and I look forward to this position’s continued success.


Matthew P. Schomburg
Wayne Township Trustee

The Waynedale News Staff
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Matthew Schomburg

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