Certain Indiana politicians want me to vote for Daylight Savings Time. Why? Do they think it will win votes for them? Not in my house it won’t. Daylight Savings Time, BULL HOCKY! This has got to be the dumbest thing anyone every came up with. Why in the world would anyone in their right mind want to advance their clock ahead one hour in the spring (“spring ahead”) and set it back in the fall (“fall back”)? I’ve been told, “It’s to get an extra hour of daylight.” Now who is stupid enough to believe that? We have only so many hours of daylight in a day and that is that; no more; no less.

Want an extra hour of daylight in your working day? Get your lazy ‘Bu’ er ‘Bones’ out of bed an hour earlier. Open your store an hour earlier. Start out on your journey an hour earlier. Go to work at the office an hour earlier. Do whatever you have to do an hour earlier and let us “normal” people, that are happy with the day as God made it, alone. If any politician wants my vote for anything then talk to me sensibly and forget this ‘garbaged up’ idea. I promise I won’t play with your clock if you don’t play with mine. At least talk to me as a grownup not a child. A child might go for your explanation of Daylight Savings Time; a grownup sure won’t.

Just think of all the problems you will be able to do away with if you just leave the cotton pickin’ clock/time alone. When you agree to meet someone somewhere at a given time you won’t have to get your calculator out to see what time it is, especially if the other person is coming in from out of state. The paper says a movie starts at 9pm and you now expect 8pm or 10pm or whenever, certainly not 9pm. Did you ever arrive early and stand around for an hour waiting for the doors to open? How about arriving an hour after the play, movie, or church service has already started and been in session for 60 minutes? Let’s see if the company moves my time ahead on my shift, do I still get paid for the 8th hour that I won’t be working? If the company moves the clock back on my shift do I work 9 hours and get paid for 8? Could that 9th hour be considered as overtime? What about it Unions? How would you settle this mess? What about the person on death row that’s waiting for that last minute call from the governor? And the governor makes the call only to find out he is off by an hour due to the stupid daylight savings time? Tell that to the guy they executed an hour early.

The military eliminated all the daylight savings time problems and the different time zone problems as well. They go by a 24-hour clock or by what they call ‘Zulu’ time. If it’s 0900 in Waynedale, Indiana then you can bet your old Timex that it will be 0900 in Hawaii, or Japan, or Canada, or Hicksville, Ohio, or under the ocean, or down in a mine, or up in a spacecraft, or on the moon. No mix ups, nothing to blame for being early or being late. Of course you could always use the broken clock or the dog ate my watch routine for not getting your assignment in on time or missing that blind date.

Zulu time might take some getting used to. The 11:00pm news would come on at 2300 hours. On New Year’s Eve you could kiss your honey at 2400 or 0000 hours whichever you prefer. Better yet do it at 2359 and hold it to 0001. Kiss the old year out and the new one in. From 12:00am midnight (2400) until 12:00pm noon (1200) the time would be the same as the old clock says. From 1200 on then you must add 12 to whatever the clock face says. 1pm becomes 1300 hours and so on. Hey, I think it beats resetting all the clocks in the house ahead or back an hour. Hmmm, I think I just worked an hour overtime or did I come in an hour early? No, we didn’t change clocks here in Indiana so I’m alright, I think.

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