In the Circle of Life, there are many paths, like spokes in a covered wagon wheel of the Old West and in a modern bicycle of the new Millenium. All paths lead to the center hub. In it is the center of balance and harmony, because we have replaced the spokes of anger, jealousy, suffering and lack with spokes of Love, Respect, Honor and Caring.

We Native American Indians have put our tobacco down on Mother Earth and have given our gratitude prayer for you and all Creation. We have smudged ourselves with the sacred sage, cedar and sweet grass to clear our minds and spirits, so that we may walk in a good way as we have our movement in the Circle of Life. We ask God to give us good introspection, wisdom, illumination, and trust.

We will dance at the pow wow with our brothers and sisters, our elders and our young ones, and as you look upon this gathering of many, come join us, and let us dance and rejoice together until we become one spirit – one race – the Human Race.


Rev. Tom Dancing Feather Ebbing



“What do you have in the pouch you wear around your neck? Is it a medicine pouch? Why do you wear it?”

I have all good things in this pouch – sunrises, sunsets, smiles and memories, prayers and blessings. Yes, it is a medicine pouch – Spiritual medicine. I will put your beautiful smile in the medicine pouch that I wear close to my heart, and in return, please receive Love, Light, Peace and Harmony.

The Waynedale News Staff
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Rev. Thomas Dancing Feather Ebbing

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