There is a medical condition that causes excessive pungent odor of the feet. Do you think you might be a candidate for having this condition? Take the following quiz:

If taking off your shoes causes potted plants within 15 feet to wilt…you may be a candidate.

If you remove your work boots and green smoke comes out of them…you may be a candidate.

If you buy industrial strength “odor eaters”, they eat the odor and then throw up…you might be a candidate.

If you go to see a doctor about the condition and he puts on a “HAZ-MAT” (hazardous material) suit before getting close to you… you might be a candidate.

If you receive certified notice that your feet are considered a violation of the “Biological Weapons Treaty”…you might be a candidate.

If at the end of the day you can wring three pints of sweat out of each sock…you might be a candidate.

The condition is called bromhidrosis. Excessive perspiration due to over activity of sweat glands. The fetid odor is caused by decomposition of sweat and cellular debris by bacteria and yeast.

Most cases respond well to scrupulous hygiene and multiple stocking changes. If it does not respond well to these simple remedies seek professional assistance. There are some underlying medical conditions that could be causing it.

So if dogs for miles down wind begin howling when you remove your socks…you may have what it takes to qualify for this exclusive group. For the sake of your loved ones and domestic animals please come see us. Writing to you from the World Headquarters of the Waynedale and Huntington Foot Clinic…Dr. Dennis Chubinski

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Dr. Dennis Chubinski

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