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Upcoming Lions Ice Cream Events

The Heritage Lions in Hoagland brought their popular soft ice cream trailer to Monroeville Youth League Baseball Opening Day and will continue to appear throughout the season at various places. All profits from the sale of ice cream are donated to several worthy organizations in our area. These include the Monroeville Fire Dept, the Monroeville EMS, the Monroeville Park, the Hoagland Fire/EMS, three local and very active food banks, the HAAA Christmas party, the Heritage High School Christmas family, and Indiana Lions groups helping with sight (Leader Dog, School for the Blind, etc.), hearing, and pediatric cancer research at Riley Children’s Hospital. In the past 10 years the Heritage Lions have donated well over $120,000 to these and other important causes.

The remaining ice cream appearances for the summer are:
Hoagland Days: June 13-15, Music in the Park: June 20 -July 25, Monroeville Harvest Festival August 1-3, St. Aloysius Summer Fest: August 10, Heartbeat of Hoagland: September 7, Hessen Cassel Fall Festival: September 28.

The Heritage Lions motto is “We Serve” and we welcome anyone who wishes to help their local community to contact a Heritage Lion.

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