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Girl Scout Welcomes Monarchs Back To Fox Island

Sixth grade Girl Scout Cadette, Evah, recently completed the GS Breathe Journey and set out to execute a concluding Take Action Project that would serve Fox Island County Park, on Saturday, May 4th, 2024.

Specifically, a Take Action Project involves a sustainable solution for an identified need. Her project focus was to reestablish common milkweed into a previously developed monarch waystation, installed by her former troop several years ago, and perform needed maintenance for this designated area.

A certified waystation is required to maintain at least two types of milkweed and the installation of this additional species supported both the expressed need of the Park and guidelines to encourage monarch populations. The milkweed plant is the exclusive food source for monarch caterpillars and is critical for the survival of monarchs. In addition, bees, moths, butterflies, skippers, and beetles also feed on milkweed nectar.

Ultimately, with the support of Fox Island County Park Volunteers, Joy Maassel and Sarah Maloy, she was able to completely reset the entire area through professional edging, laying additional weed barrier around the extension containing new bald eagle installations, clear and dispose of dead plant material, plant nearly 50 new milkweed plugs, lay and spread over 120 bags of mulch, and finally water the newly planted plugs! This project will serve the Park, visitors, and all pollinators for many years to come! Visitors are invited to tour the garden as soon as the park reopens.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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