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The Fan Myth: Tips To Be Energy Efficient

Believe it or not, when used appropriately, a ceiling fan is one of the most versatile features in a home. Homeowners often associate these features with summer months, serving as an understudy to an air conditioning unit. With spring approaching, important adjustments should be made to better utilize fans – and ensure comfort. Making these can also help save money on a monthly energy bill.

Most homes have ceiling fans in high traffic rooms, such as the living room and bedrooms. Aside from circulating air, ceiling fans can provide savings in any season – if spinning the right way. During recent winter months, fans should have been set in a clockwise rotation. With this setting, warm air trapped near the ceiling can be circulated through the entire room, making it feel warmer. This allows homeowners to lower thermostat settings, cutting energy use and eliminating the potential need for hazardous space heaters.

Looking ahead to spring and summer, homeowners should adjust ceiling fans to a counterclockwise rotation. Changing the fan to this direction helps create artificial breeze, making the room feel cooler. This is especially useful in rooms where there is frequent traffic. Incorporating this cooling tactic can decrease use of an AC unit or allow for a higher thermostat setting.

Making the transition is simple. At the base of most fans is a small switch denoting counterclockwise and clockwise rotation. With the fan off, look to flip the switch to the proper direction for the season. If using a ladder to complete this, make sure someone else is present and take adequate safety measures. Once adjusted, look up at the fan from the ground and ensure it is moving in the desired direction.

Saving on monthly bills and remaining comfortable at home in any season can go hand in hand. By following energy-efficient fan use, homeowners can enjoy the outdoors and indoors without sacrifice. Incorporate additional tips now for further savings before warmer conditions arrive:

  • Prepare your air conditioning unit by turning off the power and cleaning the outside compressor with a garden hose. Plan regular maintenance on this unit throughout the summer.
  • Have spring break travel plans? Give your appliances a rest during that time. Unplug what you can and set your water heater to its lowest setting.
  • Clear vegetation or leftover fall leaves around an outside air condition unit. Ensure that high grass and other debris remain free from the unit regularly.
  • The days are getting longer, which allows natural light from the sun to act as a lamp or overhead light. As it gets dark, use lights that have LED bulbs. LEDs use 90% less energy and last 25 times longer than typical incandescent bulbs.

For additional energy-saving tips, visit ElectricIdeas.com to find products, rebates, and discounts to help you save even more.

The Waynedale News Staff

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