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Shamrock Search Leads To Adventures In Waynedale

The Waynedale community recently celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in an extraordinary way with the Waynedale Shamrock Search, a treasure hunt that led participants on an exciting journey through local businesses, solving riddles and discovering hidden shamrocks. The event, which ran from March 11-15, was a massive success, engaging the community in a festive exploration that not only brought fun and joy but also highlighted the vibrant business landscape of Waynedale.

This year’s Shamrock Search saw over a thousand shamrocks found by participants, who ranged from Waynedale locals to visitors drawn by the unique event. Each day, players were given fresh clues and destinations, leading them to explore different businesses where they could find shamrocks and win prizes. The initiative was designed to encourage community interaction and support for local businesses, and it certainly achieved its goal, with participants and businesses alike sharing enthusiastic feedback.

Brent Belote from Landing Zone Coffee highlighted the event’s impact, noting it brought the highest sales day of 2024 for his business. The special Buy-One-Get-One offer on muffins was a hit, attracting 70% of visitors to make a purchase. Charlene from It’s Personal Embroidery and Alterations shared that many were pleasantly surprised to discover her business in Waynedale, showcasing the event’s role in boosting local business awareness. Kingston Residence also participated, initially offering pies before switching to keychain giveaways due to high demand. As participants took their shamrocks to the library, everyone won mini prizes including coupons for pizzas, tacos, sundaes, and cones from popular places like Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Dairy Queen, and The Stand, adding to the community spirit.

The event culminated in the announcement of big prize winners, who each found shamrocks at sponsoring businesses and won over a hundred dollars in local prizes. They were thrilled to receive substantial rewards for their shamrock-hunting efforts.

Congratulations to the big winners! Michele Williams – Shamrock from 1st Source; Mary Ehinger – Shamrock from Waynedale Lumber Do It Best; Pat Parr – Shamrock from Waynedale Lumber Do It Best; Cara Kimmel – Shamrock from Glosson Foodservice; Sandy Bishop – Shamrock from Glosson Foodservice; Barb Cantwell – Shamrock from Englewood Health and Rehab; Daniel Angel – Shamrock from Hair Affair; Mike Cour – Shamrock from Rich’s Auto Center; Carly Mckibben – Shamrock from Partner’s 1st

Organizers expressed their delight at the opportunity to engage with the community in such a fun and interactive way, highlighting Waynedale’s pride in its local businesses and community spirit. The Waynedale Shamrock Search, supported by key sponsors including Copy Solutions, Hill’s Meat Market, Kingston Residence, Legacy Heating & Air Conditioning, Heartland Hospice, Partners 1st FCU, The Waynedale News, and Robinson Family Eyecare Clinic, proved to be a successful collaborative effort, fostering community exploration and celebration.

As the Waynedale community reflects on the success of this year’s Shamrock Search, there’s a palpable sense of anticipation for what next year’s event might bring. The combination of fun, discovery, and community engagement has set a high bar, promising even more excitement and exploration in the future.

This year’s Shamrock Search clues and answers were:

1st Source Bank – The first point of origin for your money.
Dairy Queen – They serve signature treats upside down!
Waynedale Hardware Do It Best – Ask the expert in the red vest.
Rich’s Auto Center – You don’t have to be rich to have your car fixed here.

Arcos Mexican Restaurant –This restaurant has one more arch than Micky D’s.
Englewood Health Care – Part of their name is the street this care facility resides on.
It’s Personal Embroidery – Sew, it’s all about you.
Legacy Heating and Air Conditioning – A history of keeping you hot and cold.

Elevate Energy – Raise your hand for a healthy shake!
Nine Mile Restaurant – The tavern that advertises the distance from the Allen County Courthouse.
Partner’s 1st FCU – Began as Magnavox Federal Credit Union in 1952.
The Rink – Don’t skate through too fast, take your time and reminisce.

Hair Affair Salon – The rabbit is dressed for the occasion.
Landing Zone – Touch down for great java and baked goods.
Kington Residence – Live like royalty in your golden years at this residence.
Marathon Reddy’s – We are calling your bluff; you don’t have to run 26.2 miles.

Glosson Food Equipment – Where can you find commercial food appliances AND people to service them?
Pizza Hut – Book it here to enjoy a fresh slice!
Taco Bell – Where you can enjoy eating tacos in your long underwear.
Voors Jewelry – Look for the diamond in the window to find treasure within.

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