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Honoring Fort Wayne’s First Female Fire Fighter

Taking place during Women’s History Month, this event will highlight the inspiring life of Genois Wilson Brabson and her remarkable contributions to our community. Genois was the first woman to serve on the Fort Wayne Fire Department, garnering numerous accolades, including the Indiana Firefighter of the Year in 1990 and the Sam Jones Trailblazer Award in 2015. Her inspiring narrative is featured in the book, Genois Wilson, Firefighter: She Dared to Be First, published in 2013.

Genois Wilson’s impact extended beyond firefighting. She devised fire safety programs targeting preschoolers and the hearing impaired, playing a pivotal role in the establishment of the Survive Alive House. This facility, operational since 1991, educates children in fire escape techniques, exemplifying her commitment to community safety.

The public is invited to partake in this exciting experience on Saturday, March 16, 2024. The evening, titled “Rubies, Diamonds, and Pearls: In Celebration of Genois Wilson Brabson, Fort Wayne’s First Woman Firefighter”, will unfold at the BIPOCA Incubator and Gallery, located at 3402 Fairfield Ave., from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm.
In addition to honoring Genois, four other women will be honored:

Teresa (Ridley) Yarbrough and Carol Butler, illustrator and author, respectively, of the children’s book, Genois Wilson, Firefighter: She Dared to Be First; Magistrate Lori Morgan, the first Black female judge in Fort Wayne and Dr. Verna Adams, a laudable educator and retiree of Fort Wayne Community Schools will also receive honor and recognition during this special evening.

Shining a light on the dreams of young students from Weisser Park Elementary School, Chief Condra Ridley reading the children’s book Genois Wilson Brabson inspired, as well as the presence of WANE-TV’s Jessica Williams serving as emcee will be part of this historic gathering. Fort Wayne Fire Department’s women firefighters, regardless of their present employment status, are eager to be there to honor Genois Wilson Brabson, their very own trailblazer!

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