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Eichhorn Jewelry… A Destination Experience!

Eichhorn Jewelry has a long history in the Heart of Downtown Decatur. Well known throughout Indiana, the Eichhorn family serves generations of customers in many states by referral. Established in 1965 by John Eichhorn, a watchmaker who expanded into a full-service jewelry store, needed a business that would support his wife and 10 children. He passed away 20 years ago and would never imagine the business as it exists today!

Whether looking for a diamond engagement ring, repairing an heirloom watch or jewelry item, or assistance with an estate, Eichhorn’s is the place to go. With 14 full and part-time employees, service drives the business as other jewelers refer their customers to us for appraisals, gem identification, verification, testing, pearl and bead restringing, and restoration.

Recently a middle school student interviewed Eileen Eichhorn for what her typical day was like. “No two days are ever the same. That is what I love about the job I have done for nearly 60 years. I could have 6 watch battery replacement customers in an hour. Or I could be working on a custom design for an Orienta cultured pearl bridal necklace and earring set for a wedding that is 6 months in the future. I truly enjoy repurposing legacy diamonds for customers as well as researching the history of their design, too.”

An accredited member of the International Society of Appraisers and a Senior Certified member of the National Society of Jewelry Appraisers, Eileen devotes a large amount of time to continuing education.

Like his aunt Eileen Eichhorn, Matt Dyer, the store manager, is also a Graduate Gemologist of the Gemological Institute of America. Matt can be found most days sorting estate lots both large and small. For many years clients have come to know Eichhorn’s for not just a place to buy jewelry, but also sell jewelry. Once an examination takes place, two offers are given: a store credit, or a check. Over the course of many years this service has brought customers from the surrounding area as well as other states.

Bullion gold, silver, and platinum became another offering Eichhorn’s provided in the late 1980s and more recently. Whether someone is looking to purchase in coin or bar form, many options exist for those who desire to buy or sell.

Eichhorn’s website as well as social media is hosted by Katie Gent. She has done an amazing job with her posts that customers repeatedly tell us they LOVE. Not only are her efforts engaging between customers but some of the jewelry she photographs sells within minutes of a Facebook and/or Instagram posting!

Eichhornjewelry.com is very popular for estate jewelry shopping, too. Items are acquired daily. The process of cleaning, inspecting, testing, researching, restoring, and cataloging can be a monumental task. It could be weeks before the item makes it into inventory, photographed and tagged.

Plan to visit Eichhorn Jewelry SOON and see one of the largest collections of jewelry in Indiana in three HUGE beautiful showrooms!

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