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Honoring African-American Vets

In recognition of Black History Month, The Veterans National Memorial Shrine and Museum welcomes all African American Veterans and their Families to be honored and recognized for their selfless contributions in making our country and its citizens a great nation. This special celebration ceremony will be held at
The Veterans National Memorial Shrine and Museum Event Center, 2122 O’Day Road, Fort Wayne, Indiana this Saturday, February 17th, 2024- 1pm to 2pm.

This celebratory event will include guest speakers, a performance by Sounds of Redemption, and an opportunity to share stories and fellowship with fellow veterans and their families within the historic atmosphere of the shrine and museum.

In addition to Saturday’s Event, the Museum will have displays featuring the contributions and recognition of our African American Veterans for the entire length of Black History Month.

The Veterans National Memorial Shrine and Museum was built to honor you, our beloved Veterans, in order that “No Veteran will be Forgotten.”
Please let us honor you.

Alena Porter Gillum Mistress of Ceremony, Greg Bedford Commander, Patrick Frazier Vice Commander are organizers of the event.

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