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Did Solar Yield Savings? ~ Voice Of The Township

The Wayne Township Trustee Office has been using rooftop solar panels to supply electrical energy to their building at 320 East Superior Street since the fall of 2022, when the newly installed panels went into operation. The savings from this conversion surprised everyone, so Trustee Knox had a video made to share our findings that you can find here: youtu.be/VvhzWgqUNu4.

Here is a summary of the savings WTTO has realized which is being passed on to our township citizens.

Yearly Energy Savings:

Before Wayne Township did energy efficiency work and installed solar renewable systems we spent $17,432 a year for electricity from 9-23-20 to 9-27-22.

1. The New Utility Bill cost, after we installed new energy efficient solutions is $4,839.88 a year (from 9-26-22 to 9-27-23).
2. The savings per year is $ 12,593 dollars. (The expected guaranteed savings in the solar panel contract was $ 6,998 a year).
3. The average daily utility spending went from $ 47.75 a day to $ 13.25 a day–a 71 percent drop in daily spending, 179 percent above expectations.

Carbon reduction a year for the building:

1. Prior to the energy efficiency solutions being completed the total kwh used for the building in a year was 122,801 kwh.
2. The new kwh consumption used for the entire year after the energy efficiency solution were implemented is 13,440 kwh.
3. Wayne Township has reduced its carbon footprint by 89 percent in a year.

Wayne Township energy efficiency program had 8 months where the building energy usage was zero, and it was considered a net zero building for those months.

Utility KW Demand Savings ( We never anticipated any demand savings when doing this energy efficiency program).

1. The yearly demand for the entire building before the Wayne Township Trustee Office did the energy efficiency program was 720 kw a year.
2. The new yearly demand for the entire building after we completed the energy efficiency solutions was 328 kw a year
3. This is a 54 percent reduction in Demand for the facility. (Solar usually never reduces demand per the utility company because the sun is not out every day, but our building load matches up perfectly with the Solar yearly production).

The electrical kwh reduced in a year is 109,361 kwh. This level of usage translates to these equivalent reductions:

1. 17 gasoline powered passenger vehicles driven for one year
2. 198,681 miles driven by an average gasoline powered passenger vehicle
3. 8,721 gallons of gasoline consumed
4. 10 homes energy used for one year
5. 9,427,576 number of smartphones charged a year
6. 3,355 trash bags of waste recycled instead of landfilled
7. 92 acres of forests preserved

As you can see, the Wayne Township Trustee Office is more than pleased with what installing solar panels and implementing other energy saving practices (LED lights, etc.) has saved our operation and has saved the public in tax dollars.

Wayne Township Trustee - Austin Knox
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Wayne Township Trustee - Austin Knox

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