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Indiana AARP ‘Asks The Candidates’

AARP Indiana released a video series entitled “AARP Asks the Candidates.” These videos are part of AARP Indiana’s continued efforts to ensure 50-plus voters know where candidates stand on the issues that are important to them and their families.

AARP Indiana will be posting the “AARP Asks the Candidates” series online, as well as promoting the guides through a variety of ways, including on social media, volunteer networks and through email.

The Southwest Area Partnership and the Fort Wayne community recently hosted an event for municipal election candidates. Thank you to all who participated: Tom Didier, Geoff Paddock, Scott Myers, Patti Hays, Lana Keesling, Porsche Williams, Tom Freistroffer, Michelle Chambers, Marty Bender, Stephanie Crandall, Luke Fries, and Audrey Davis. Special thanks to the neighborhood leaders for their pertinent questions focused on neighborhood matters.

“It’s important that older residents of Fort Wayne hear from the candidates about the issues that matter to them and their families,” said Emily Gorman, AARP Indiana director of community engagement. “These videos will provide the information voters need to help them make their decision in November.”
Each candidate was asked the following questions:

  • Housing: What specific policy recommendations do you have to provide housing options that are affordable, physically accessible, and close in proximity to essential services and amenities?
  • Services & Support for Older Adults: With the current levels of federal, state, and local funding, what services do you plan to provide older residents to help them stay in their homes and communities as they age?
  • Transportation: What is your vision to ensure that people who either choose not to drive or are unable to drive, have access to affordable and convenient mobility and transportation options?

AARP has a proud 37-year history of non-partisan voter engagement and does not endorse or oppose candidates, nor does AARP make contributions to political campaigns or candidates. We encourage all Hoosiers to ask questions, so they understand where the candidates stand on important issues when making their decisions this November.

AARP Indiana has up-to-date information you can find in our 2023 Election Guide. To learn about mail ballots, early and in-person voting, as well as other useful election information, visit our 2023 Election State Voting Guide. You can also text INVOTES to 22777 to receive a one-time text message with a link to Indiana voter information, and additional advocacy information and alerts. Message and data rates may apply. Terms apply: aarp.info/tcadv

AARP is non-partisan, does not operate a political action committee (PAC) and does not endorse candidates. We focus on the issues that are most important to those age 50-plus.

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