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Recycle Plastic Caps & Lids

The Allen County Department of Environmental Management (ACDEM) launches Clean Plastic Caps and Lids Program. ACDEM is diverting plastic from landfill waste and encourages residents to recycle their clean caps and lids at the designated Community Recycling Drop-off Sites:

  • Northwest, near 2 Fort Recovery Road
  • Little River Wetlands Project, 5000 Smith Road
  • Leo-Cedarville, 14701 Schwartz Road
  • Monroeville, 110 ½ South Street

Examples of accepted caps and lids include plastic water bottle caps, medicine bottle caps, sour cream tub lids, to-go cup lids, butter tub lids, laundry detergent lids, and peanut butter jar lids. All caps and lids must be made from plastic and be clean prior to recycling.

Recent changes to local recycling guidelines state that caps and lids should be left off plastic bottles, jugs, and food containers prior to recycling. Items smaller than a credit card, including loose caps, are too small to be recycled. Instead of going to the local recycling facility, plastic caps and lids through ACDEM’s collection program will be made into food-grade wax and renewable natural gas.

Residents can visit for a full list of accepted recyclable materials for Allen County.

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