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FWPD Scam Alert!

The Fort Wayne Police Department has been made aware of a recent SCAM lately that is going around:

A person, claiming to be a Fort Wayne Police Officer, using a bogus badge number has been calling unsuspecting citizens from 260-281-8450. This person, claiming to be an officer, states that a judge (uses a real judges names) has ordered Bench Warrants for the unsuspecting citizen for Failure to Appear in Federal court and Avoidance of Civic Duty (Jury Duty). When the fake officer is questioned, he hangs up and spoofs the Fort Wayne Police Department’s non-emergency number 260-427-1222 so it appears they are calling back from the FWPD.

The scammer then requests money to pay for the bond of the Bench Warrants. The Phony officer sounds believable and stresses that the money is needed right away! The scammer offers multiple avenues of payment to take care of the bond.

A Police Officer will never contact you over the phone and request money!

If you suspect you are being Scammed, don’t give money or your personal information away. If you receive a potential scam call from the non-emergency number 260-427-1222; hang up and call the number back immediately to verify its credibility.

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