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Arbor Day Inspires Young People

The nationally recognized holiday, Arbor Day, is celebrated annually in Indiana on the last Friday of April. And, this is an especially important holiday for local nonprofit, Speaks for Trees and More, Inc. It is an opportunity to educate youth on the benefits of trees and the importance of planting this renewable resource. So, in an effort to inspire our youngest caretakers, an Arbor Day program was developed and offered to local schools in April and May. The mobile program explores the history of the holiday, engages in discussion surrounding the benefits of trees and outdoor ethics, and supplies students with interactive and hands-on activities. Each program concluded with the distribution of a tree seedling and discussion that included tree characteristics, planting instructions, and care. The final program of the season served third grade students at Lutheran South Unity School in Fort Wayne, on May 19, 2023. This program is one of the many educational, nature-based programs being offered by Speaks for Trees and More, Inc., to schools and youth groups in Allen, Huntington, and Whitley counties.

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