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Offer Gratitude On Valentine’s Day ~ Voice Of The Township

Over the past year our office has been celebrating our staff by naming an employee each month to be in our Employee Spotlight. We draw names for the Spotlight, award the winner a gift card, post their picture and a brief bio on our Facebook page and give a brief shoutout about them in the Waynedale News column.

This month Katelyn Schuck is in our Employee Spotlight. She has been with the Township for four years; first as an investigator, then as a payee clerk, and just this month she became the Director of the Payee Department when former Director, Ralph Charlton, took his retirement.

Before coming to Wayne Township Katelyn worked in retail, in manufacturing and as a college-level algebra teaching aid; all while completing a degree in Psychology at IPFW (now Purdue Fort Wayne).

Katelyn loves helping people, and her education and work background make her a perfect fit for the Payee Department. Her psychology degree helps her better understand the wide variety of life journeys her clients are on, and her strong math skills come in handy when advising clients on their budgets.

Katelyn is skillful, professional and respectful with her clients, and at the same time she is patient and soft-spoken. With those skills she gets a lot done in a short amount of time with very little drama, and she leaves people feeling like she cares about them.

Valentine’s Day, February 14th, is on a Tuesday this year. Traditionally this day is set aside to celebrate romantic love, but it is also a good day to be reminded that the idea of love covers a lot more than romance. Love also means caring about all of our fellow human beings with respect and a sense of shared dignity. Treating other people this way promises to make the world a better place for all of us.

This year on Valentine’s Day let’s try to do something not just for the romantic interests in our lives but for everyone we meet. Take time to stop, listen, and share a hug or a smile. If you receive flowers or candy or a gift show your gratitude, read the cards you get and know that the sender probably took some time and care to pick that card out just for you. As I know it does for everybody, the busy-ness in life often eats up the time we could be taking to show our friends and families just how much they mean to us, that we really love them, and are glad they are in our lives.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you, and congratulations Katelyn Schuck, on your new position and on being in the Wayne Township Employee Spotlight!

Wayne Township Trustee - Austin Knox
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