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World Planting Day Celebrated Locally!

The local Stories & Exploring program celebrated World Planting Day on Tuesday, October 25th, as part of The Celebrate Series! This program was developed by Speaks for Trees and More Founder, Sarah Maloy, as a PK – Early Elementary monthly event, and was recently hosted in partnership with Allen County Parks Educator, Jeff Ormiston, at a county park. It is designed to bring awareness to a noteworthy holiday that relates to nature, earth, and our environment. Families participate in stories, hands-on activities, and a hike that connects to the theme of the program.

This local World Planting Day program educated students on the importance of planting through story time, discussion, and a seven seed challenge that identified unique characteristics of seeds, bulbs, flowers, and trees. The morning concluded with a hike that allowed families to scatter common milkweed seeds found within their milkweed pods, with the hope that those seeds will one day also produce a plant. The common milkweed is a native plant and a very important food source to the Monarch caterpillar. Each student received a certificate and several seeds and bulbs to continue their planting celebration at home.

Look for the monthly Stories & Exploring program to return in the spring at a local park or preserve near you!

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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